Targeted OSIsoft PI System Training

I think that we have all had the experience before where you sit in a training class, some of the information in the class is relevant to what you do, and some is not. At times, you sit there with your eyes glazed over bored to tears. You feel good finishing the class, but as soon as you tackle the first real-world problem, you realize it is about an order of magnitude more difficult than any of the examples practiced in the training class.

I’ve always found that the best way for me to learn a new skill is to work on a small project requiring that new skill. Searching the available documentation and examples, determining for myself how things fit together, and assembling things piece by piece, experimenting and learning with each step, provides a depth of knowledge that I just cannot get from a canned class.

I encourage my clients to take this approach to training their employees to use a PI system. If you can determine a small useful project or two that you would like to pursue, I can spend a couple of days developing a good approach and assemble training materials targeted toward solving your problem. I will still make sure to cover all of the basics that a canned class covers, but the focus on your real-world problems using your systems will ensure that everyone stays focused and engaged. Students learn more, and have something to continue working on after the class, immediately reinforcing everything that they learned in the class.

So maybe you are planning a new PI installation, or you have an existing system that you feel you are not using as effectively as possible. Maybe you aren’t up to speed on the newer tools and don’t understand how it all fits together. I can help you to tailor training to address your specific needs and experience level, addressing your exact concerns.

The training may cover any and all aspects of the PI system. Examples would include:

  • Training for technicians about how to maintain and troubleshoot interfaces, understand permissions and trusts, maintaining tags, etc.
  • Training for PI server administrators.
  • PI Architecture and capacity planning.
  • PI client applications: ProcessBook, DataLink, AF, Coresight, PI WebParts.
  • PI application development using the SDK’s, OLEDB, and Web Services.

This training is backed by my nearly 20 years of experience with all aspects of the PI system in a variety of industries.

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