OSIsoft PI System Service Offerings

Backed by Nearly 20 Years of Experience with PI

System Architecture

Whether you are deploying a brand new system or need to update an existing design, avoid potential pitfalls and take advantage of 20 years of experience deploying PI from small plant systems to the global enterprise.

Integrating Systems

Need help integrating a new data source into your system? It isn't always as simple as choosing an interface and running setup.exe. You need an experienced system integrator to help you choose the best architecture, ensuring reliable data collection.

PI System Audits

Not sure if your PI system is up to snuff? Don't let concerns about security, reliability, business continuity, and data integrity keep you awake at night. Commission a comprehensive audit of your PI system using a template developed over many years of experience across a wide range of industries. It will let you know exactly where you stand and present an action plan to have the most reliable and secure PI infrastructure possible.

Solution Development

Unless you have invested a lot of time keeping track of all of the new PI tools, chances are you aren't using the latest tools to develop your solutions. You are likely wasting time struggling with solved problems. Partner with an experienced expert who can help you leverage the newest tools, quickly building solutions that will also be easier to maintain and extend in the future.


Need to take your staff to the next level? Training classes tailored to your specific needs make the most effective use of precious staff time and help them best use the powerful tools OSIsoft provides.


Follow up your training with onsite workshops. Users often return from training and enthusiastically dive into problems. Along the way, they rack up many new questions. Onsite workshops discussing these questions, and overall solution approach ensure that your staff continues to learn and grow and that their approach is the most effective.

IT System Integration

PI is intended to be an integral part of your enterprise infrastructure, collecting data from your Operational Technology (OT) systems and integrating it with your IT systems. There are various approaches and architectures and finding the right one takes experience and knowledge of the options.

Augment Your Experts

Make the most of your subject matter experts by pairing them with an experienced PI expert, minimizing the time to solution, and allowing your experts to solve more problems in less time. This Maximizes their impact on your bottom line.

System Support

In a tight spot? An experienced expert can often help to troubleshoot and eliminate problems more quickly. Remote access technologies mean that help can be minutes away, anywhere in the world.

Product Development

Many providers of leading-edge systems embed PI as part of their products. While they have in-depth experience with their particular industry, they rarely have a PI expert on staff and require someone with that specific domain knowledge to more quickly get their product to market. Raesemann Enterprises not only has the PI knowledge, but also experience assisting in product development.

Report Development

You can't improve what you don't measure. Sometimes you need to have the right reports and displays to track a specific goal or target. Someone who is familiar with all of the possible options can help you pick the right tool for the job.

Disaster Recovery Planning

What would you do if you experienced a major failure in your PI system? Are you prepared to recover? Is your data properly backed up? You need the help of a PI expert to analyze your systems and determine if your plans are adequate.