AVEVA's OSIsoft PI System

Looking for a PI System Expert?

Installation and Support

25 years of experience installing and supporting all elements of the OSIsoft PI System ecosystem from small plant systems to global deployments.

Full-Stack PI

From installing and troubleshooting industrial protocols and interfaces to developing enterprise-grade IT systems. Many understand little pieces but few understand the entire system. 

Data Architecture

Breach your data silos and integrate your systems. You need an experienced Data Architect to ensure that you are taking advantage of all that is possible.

System Integration

OSIsoft's open architecture allows you to exchange data between systems. Seemlessly display PI data in other applications or pull data from other applications into PI.

Application Development

Sometimes you need a customized solution to exchange data with a legacy system or a specific visualization or UI to take full advantage of this information. 


Train your engineers to take full advantage of the Asset Framework. Learn from the best.

Dianomic FogLAMP/Fledge IIoT Framework

Dianomic FogLAMP/Fledge IIoT Framework

The Open-Source Industrial IoT Framework

Installation and Support

An early pioneer in IIoT deployments. Take advantage of real-world experience and leapfrog the competition.

System Integration

IIoT is all about collecting data and sending it where it needs to go. Take advantage of industry-leading experience integrating industrial data with IT infrastructure.

Plugin Development

While 80% of your needs are likely to be readily available off-the-shelf, it is good to have an engineer who can wrangle the bits when needed. Raesemann Enterprises has experience developing plugins having donated many to the LF Edge project.

Containerized Deployments

Run FogLAMP and FLEDGE in almost any environment from Windows PC's, Embedded Linux Systems, even Cisco switches via IOx.

Blog Posts

What Asset Framework Needs – A Web-Based PI System Explorer

My previous post about .NET 5 leads me to another suggestion. The Asset Framework needs a modern web-based client. As anyone who uses the fat-client PI System Explorer knows, keeping everyone up to date can be challenging. The PI System Explorer, or PSE for short, is a powerful editor with a lot of smarts built…


What the Asset Framework Needs – .NET 5

The Asset Framework uses the Windows Communication Foundation, WCF, for communication with clients. WCF was an excellent choice when OSIsoft initially developed AF as it facilitated integrated Windows authentication, encryption, and other features that made building a modern API easier. The AF SDK is a .Net assembly for developing applications for AF. The AF SDK…


Taking on a new role as co-chair of the Linux Foundation LFEdge Fledge Project Technical Steering Committee

I joined the Linux Foundation’s LF Edge project called Fledge in 2021 as a voting member of the Technical Steering Committee. Last month, I became a co-chair of this committee. While the Linux Foundation, Open Source, and Industrial IoT are new to me, I bring my 25+ years of experience with IT/OT integration to the…



Push your system to the limits


25 years of leading-edge PI System development


A proven track record of successful projects