FLEDGE IIoT Docker Image to Help Get You Started

I just posted the latest Fledge IIoT Development image to Dockerhub. This is a great way to get your feet wet with FLEDGE.


You will also find the FLEDGE GUI useful for managing your FLEDGE instance


FLEDGE is the premier Industrial IoT platform with south plugins to collect data from most industrial control systems and equipment and north plugins to send data to many IT systems.


FLEDGE IIoT Platform Development Image

This is a Fledge development image based on Ubuntu 18.04 and contains most of the North, South, and Filter Plugins that you will need to get started. It also contains the Notification Service and Notification Plugins.

You can find documentation on the project at https://readthedocs.org/projects/fledge-iot/

Helpful Commands

If you are just getting started with Docker and Fledge, here are a few commands that will help you to get started.

You should create a named volume to store your configuration and collected data so that you don't lose your configuration between starts.

sudo docker create -v /usr/local/foglamp/data --name foglamp-data robraesemann/fledge:latest /bin/true

This command will start fledge in unattended mode.

docker run --volumes-from foglamp-data --name fledge --restart=unless-stopped -d -p 8081:8081 robraesemann/fledge:latest

You can now run docker ps to see if the container is running. You can also ping the fledge web API. You should receive a json response giving you fledge details.


If fledge is running, you can access the command line inside the container for exploring using

docker exec -it fledge /bin/bash

You can see the syslog from the docker container with this command docker logs fledge -f

If you are interested in a proof of concept with FLEDGE or need an experienced consultant. Please consider hiring me. https://raesemann.com/contact

North Plugins

  • HarperDB
  • HTTP Python
  • HTTP C
  • Kafka
  • OPC UA Server

South Plugins

  • CSV
  • CSV-Async
  • DNP3
  • Expression
  • Modbus
  • Modbus TCP
  • HTTP
  • MQTT
  • OPC UA
  • Open Weather Map
  • Playback
  • Random
  • Random Walk
  • Sinusoid
  • System Info


  • Change
  • Delta
  • Expression
  • FFT
  • Metadata
  • Python35
  • Rate
  • RMS
  • Scale
  • Scale Set
  • Threshold


  • Average
  • OutofBound
  • Simple

Notification Plugins

  • Alexa
  • Asset
  • Email
  • Python35
  • Slack

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