IIoT is the Natural Progression of your PI Environment

For those of us working in the PI world for the past couple of decades, we were Industry 3.5. We were the ones who broke up the silos and made process data available across the enterprise. We bridged the divide between the Information Technology world (IT) and the Operational Technology World (OT). By installing interfaces…

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Why You Should Have a PI System Access License

Traditional PI Clients   We all know the traditional PI client applications of Processbook, DataLink, and the newer PI Vision. These applications allow users access to PI data for visualization and analysis. While you can program inside these client applications, they do not provide general purpose programmatic access to PI. Integrating PI data with other…

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What the Asset Framework Needs – .NET 5

The Asset Framework uses the Windows Communication Foundation, WCF, for communication with clients. WCF was an excellent choice when OSIsoft initially developed AF as it facilitated integrated Windows authentication, encryption, and other features that made building a modern API easier. The AF SDK is a .Net assembly for developing applications for AF. The AF SDK…

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What the Asset Framework Needs – Timezone support

Adding a built-in Timezone attribute

Aveva’s (acquired OSIsoft) Asset Framework features attributes to specify the location of an asset. Adding a built-in timezone attribute is a missing component that would help several use cases. Many AF Servers contain elements located in different timezones. This would allow: Analysis calculations to be triggered from the element’s local time. This is useful when…

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FLEDGE IIoT Docker Image to Help Get You Started

I just posted the latest Fledge IIoT Development image to Dockerhub. This is a great way to get your feet wet with FLEDGE. https://hub.docker.com/r/robraesemann/fledge You will also find the FLEDGE GUI useful for managing your FLEDGE instance https://hub.docker.com/r/robraesemann/fledge-gui FLEDGE is the premier Industrial IoT platform with south plugins to collect data from most industrial control…

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Condition-Based Maintenance using the OSIsoft PI System

OSIsoft Condition-Based Maintenance Guidebook

Gopal GopalKrishnan gave an excellent presentation about Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) at the OSISoft Users Conference this year. For many years, Gopal has been the go to guy at OSIsoft when it comes to this subject. What we are seeing now is the result of his, and others, efforts over the years working with OSIsoft customers…

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