Condition-Based Maintenance using the OSIsoft PI System

OSIsoft Condition-Based Maintenance Guidebook

Gopal GopalKrishnan gave an excellent presentation about Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) at the OSISoft Users Conference this year. For many years, Gopal has been the go to guy at OSIsoft when it comes to this subject. What we are seeing now is the result of his, and others, efforts over the years working with OSIsoft customers…

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Stuxnet virus – fascinating and scary

Today seems to be a cyber security day. I spent some time this morning talking to Brian Owen of OSIsoft about PI architectures and NERC CIP compliance. Later I was looking at Slashdot which eventually led to an interesting blog post by Symantec regarding the Stuxnet virus. There are several interesting aspects to this virus… The virus uses…

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